Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Namira Creates History - She is the First Pakistani Women Astronaut

Namira Salim creates history!!! She is the first Pakistani women astronaut. She is thirty-five years old and she is all set to fly high in the space. She will be joining the crew members of the Virgin Galactic Spaceship for their space adventure scheduled to push off in the year 2008. She said that she has done a lot of hard work to pass through for this purpose. “I will create a new direction for Pakistani women,” Namira said. She also stated that the government and Pakistani people are excited and willing to witness this flight. I think that she is right since she is the first Pakistani women astronaut. She truly deserves appreciation, and she has definitely created history. She will be the first Pakistani to go into space “when commercial operations commence in 2008 and will participate in the birth of an incredible new industry on behalf of Pakistan-space tourism.” I think this is great because it shows that Muslim women are going ahead and are walking with men side by side. They are willing to prove themselves and have their own identity. It is wonderful because Namira will become an inspiration for young Pakistani girls and they would love to follow her foot steps. This means that the Pakistani women will liberate and will have a bright future. As of now, I think that President Pervez Musharraf’s policy of enlightened moderation is working and it is assisting Pakistani women in order to create a better picture of themselves in the world as well as creating a brighter future for themselves.

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