Sunday, March 25, 2007

~ The Ladies' Taxis ~

Can you believe this? In Dubai, pink-colored taxis will be carrying women only to different parts of the country. The purpose of this transportation is to offer a secure service to women to guarantee their liberated movement. It is a women only cab service, and it will make sure that women are able to commute around the country without having trouble. The Executive Manager for Public Transport of the Roads and Transport Authority named Mohammed Obeid Al Mulla said that “the move is an embodiment of RTA’s strategy to offer its service to all sectors of the community and secure a modern mass transport system enjoying the highest levels of safety and convenience.”

About fifty taxis were developed with pink roofs, pink seats and interiors that gave them a feminine look. These taxis were sent to the places that are frequently visited by women. More than one hundred female drivers had undergone extensive training programs for continuing the service. During their training, they were taught the necessary skills of driving, customer service, and handling emergency cases. I like this decision of introducing taxis for women only. I truly welcome this new idea because it will be a safe vehicle for women especially when it comes to traveling at night. It will be comfortable for working women because now they can easily travel especially in UAE since there are so many working women in Dubai as my cousins who lived there have told me. This will be an immense relief for single female passengers along with families because Muslim wives, mothers, and sisters will feel comfortable as well as safe traveling with female drivers. This is why I really like this idea of ladies' taxis.

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