Thursday, March 8, 2007

Pakistan represented in beauty pageants?

Mariyah Moten represented Pakistan at the “Miss Bikini of the Universe 2006” pageant held in China on August 28, 2006. This is the second award that she has received in her pageant career. She won “Miss Charity” at the Miss Tourism Queen International pageant in July 2006. In August 2006, she won “Best in Media” title and for being the most photographed and interviewed contestant in the pageant. She is twenty-two years old and she was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. She came to America with her family eight years back. She is a hotel management student at the University of Houston.

There were objections about her entering the pageant as a representative of Pakistan since Pakistan is a dominant Muslim State as everyone knows. Pakistani officials are investigating how she entered “Miss Bikini” pageant as a Pakistani contestant because Pakistan does not hold beauty pageants. Culture Ministry spokesman Chaudhry Hafeez said, “This amounted to official recognition of the girl’s nationality in a contest that is seen by many as shameful. How can somebody use Pakistan’s name in such a contest.” Authorities are trying to figure out this matter.

According to Mariyah Moten, she has broken all barriers because she is the first bikini model of Pakistan. She told Chinese newspaper that “It’s the first time that Pakistan is participating in the bikini pageant, as we are an Islamic country.” She also said that “now there is less reproach in Pakistan on women’s participation in such beauty contests.”

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