Friday, March 9, 2007

My Reflection on Mariyah Moten

I was shocked when I heard about her. I don’t think that a Muslim girl can do such things because I am also one of them and I would never dare to do something like that especially when I know that our religion disallows such acts. Islam never allows a male or a female to do such things. She is not giving Muslim women liberation by doing this. She is bringing trouble for them because the entire world knows that our religion does not allow us to do that and by doing it so, she is giving them a chance to laugh at Muslim women. This type of people make radical Islamics go against the Western countries when it is actually not the West’s fault, but their own people who choose to do this. This is why she should have the courtesy not to use the word Muslim with her name. Then, she can do whatever she wants.

Pakistan is already in trouble since so many terrible things are being linked with its name, and such acts will not bring anything good to Pakistan. The enlightenment that President Pervez Musharraf talks about can be accomplished in several other optimistic ways. I don’t think that this is the enlightenment that he talks about. She is representing his enlightenment in an absolutely wrong way. I would love to ask her that who has given her the right to create this type of picture of a Pakistani woman in international media?

According to my opinion, she has disgraced and dishonored Muslim women all over the world. There is no way that she is representing Pakistan or Muslim woman by posing in a bikini. Neither Islam nor Pakistan permits women to wear such garments in public. She is just using Pakistan’s name because she is trying to become famous. This is embarrassing and a shame for Muslims especially for Pakistanis. She is in no way a representative of Muslim women and especially not of Pakistan’s women. I pray to God that may He give her and other people who are just like her consideration and understanding of what our religion Islam is.

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