Friday, March 23, 2007

Turkish Women Elected to Top Positions

Turkish women are going ahead and they are walking with men side by side. They have formed history by making an achievement in the field of business and politics. Arzuhan Dogan Yalcindag is the first female who has taken the top position at Turkish Industrialists and Businessmen’s Association. It has happened for the first time in the history of organization’s thirty-six years. She said, “It is a great honor for me to be elected the first chairwoman of the group’s executive board.” On the other hand, Gulsun Bilgehan has been elected as the head of the Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe committee on gender-based equal opportunities. She said, “It would be meaningful that a Turkish woman was elected to chair a committee dealing with women’s rights, equality, honor killings, domestic violence, forced marriage and the education of girls.”

It is awesome!!! I am happy that finally Muslim women are taking part in the government. It is wonderful to see Turkish women in well-known places and working as role models for young Muslim girls. They will be a great source of help because Gulsun Bilgehan is elected to lead a committee handling women’s rights, equality, domestic violence, forced marriages and the education of girls. It will be helpful because she will help improve women’s rights. It is a significant step towards Muslim women's liberation because both of them will play a big role in changing the status and lives of many Muslim women.


John K. said...

I am niether Muslim nor a believer in any kind of deity. I fear the dogamtism of all relgions and Islamic fundamentalists are the most worriesome. Islam needs reformation. I am of the opinion that Islam is a set of 8th century concepts trying to make its way in a 21st century reality. If it is to reform perhaps it will come from the women of Islam they are one of the most oppressed groups in our modern world, the are the ones who ned to stand up and take what is rightfully theirs. Good luck.

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